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What Makes the Best Kind of Climate Change Documentary?
March 25, 2022 at 11:30 PM
Image of windmills part of the best climate change documentaries.

Climate change is the most pressing issue facing both current and future generations. Its impacts aren’t fully understood yet but include:

  • More extreme weather events.
  • Rising sea levels.
  • Unpredictable weather patterns.
  • Devastating wildfires around the globe.

For most citizens, it can be hard to sort through news reporting and long-form journalism to understand the cause and effect of climate change. The best kinds of climate change documentaries are those that illuminate the impact of a warming planet while also inspiring viewers to action and activism. Here are some of the components that make up the best kinds of climate change documentaries.

A calving glacier. Witness to global warming.

Created from a place of collaboration by experts

Making a substantive difference in the effects of climate change requires the collaborative efforts of experts in a wide range of fields. Making a documentary film takes not only an experienced film production team but also the subjects of the documentary film to be open and communicative.

Green Bridge Films starts every new project with a discovery phase where we imbed with our clients to get to know their work process, team members, and technology. Open communication is foundational to everything we do. The result is our team of film experts creating a production that tells an engaging, authentic story about your organization and the work you do.

Accurate portrayal of an organization’s work and mission

No matter how beautifully shot or well-scripted a film is, if it isn’t accurate and authentic, it isn’t the best climate change documentary possible. The film should clearly show the problems an organization addresses with its work and accurately portray the technology and its impact on the planet.

Because of our philosophical adherence to communication, it’s easy for our clients to check in with us and offer corrections and addendums if they feel as though their message is lost in the production and the distribution of the film. We partner with our clients to help them bring their stories to a larger audience, with them in total control of the message.

Clear storytelling in the script and direction

Unfortunately, one aspect that’s lost in many climate change documentaries is the need for storytelling to engage an audience. Out of a desire to portray the urgency of the issue or share the success you’ve experienced with your work, it’s easy for data points to bog down a script.

We’re expert storytellers at Green Bridge Films who bring a deft understanding of the tech side of climate change work. By working closely with your team prior to writing the script for the film, we illustrate the science while also telling an engaging story that inspires audiences.

Hurricane map

Inspires viewers to activism and hope

It’s easy to fall victim to pessimism and inaction regarding climate change. The challenges facing us in the near future can, at times, seem insurmountable. But anyone working in climate change, either as a startup, nonprofit, or activist, knows there are genuine successes to be had.

The best climate change documentaries share those successes. They also inspire audiences to become more active participants in making changes in their lives and communities to support climate change work.

Green Bridge Films works with activists and nonprofits worldwide to make the best climate change documentaries.

At Green Bridge Films, we believe in the power of storytelling. We work with nonprofits and environmental organizations to help them find their voice for creating compelling documentary films about their work. Our process embeds us within your organization, so we get a first-hand understanding of your work, technology, and mission. We dedicate our creative resources to portraying your mission accurately while inspiring others towards action.

If your organization works in environmental activism, we’re a global partner to help you share your work through a climate change documentary.