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Green Bridge Films: environmentally-conscious video production company
November 17, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Green Bridge Films: environmentally-conscious video production company

The world is constantly changing. Some changes are good and for the betterment of humanity. However, we’re also fighting an uphill battle against climate change, which is partially a result of our actions as human beings over the last 300 years. At Green Bridge Films, we believe that we have a responsibility to leave the world a better place than it was when we came into it. Part of how we believe we can do this is by educating the world about the state of our environment through film. We’re a video production company that wants to encourage people to take action in their communities to improve the state of our planet.

Who we are

Green Bridge Films is a video production company that’s been around the globe bringing together climate activists to tell stories about the necessity to give our planet the attention that it deserves. Founded by Leilane Cohen, we’ve taken her passion for storytelling and used it as a tool to share the message of those who have dedicated their lives to saving the world. Our team is made of creative-minded people who care about the environment and work with other like-minded individuals to promote environmental change.

What we do

We make it a point to use dynamic storytelling as a way to convey what our team of creators sees in the world every day. We’re skilled in producing films in both narrative and documentary formats to share our message of ecological preservation. Not only do these stories demonstrate the need for action to preserve our environment, but they also show what’s happening in parts of the world with climate change that many individuals won’t ever get to see in their lifetime.

In addition to telling stories about the change in the global climate, we celebrate those who are taking steps to change the world. We celebrate their stories by sharing both their failures and triumphs in their fight against climate change as a way to rally a global audience into action.

How we do it

Have a seven-step strategy that we’ve put into place to help companies create films that are designed to have an impact on the environmental community. We start by running through a diagnostic stage where we get to know your company and the work you do. This often includes many meetings and research into company data. We’ll then put together a strategy for the film. This includes nailing down your specific messaging with your marketing or communication team.

Once we’ve reached the development stage, we’ll start working the information we’ve previously gathered into a script that effectively conveys the message of your company or organization. In pre-production, we’ll work out the logistics and prepare for production, which is when we’ll shoot the movie. Our post-production team will put the movie together with graphics, a unique score, and editing to create the product that will tell your story.

After production is complete, we can distribute the film. This is the final step in the process where we’ll send it to whomever and wherever you’d like your film to show.

Why we do it

Our ultimate goal as a video production company is to promote action toward change. We understand that reversing the effects of climate change isn’t going to be the result of a few people perfectly implementing sustainable and environmentally-minded actions. Rather, it’s going to take everyone doing these things imperfectly. We want to encourage citizens of our global community to do what they can where they’re able to reduce their impact on the environment. As more people are aware of what they can do to help the environment, the positive impact of these actions will spread among our communities and continue to grow throughout the world.

Book an appointment

If you’d like to work with Green Bridge Films on a project to create impactful messaging, please book an appointment with our team. We’re a video production company that’s mindful of the work we do and the impact we can have on the world and we look forward to working with you in these efforts. Schedule an appointment online using our tool or send a message using our online contact form. A member of our team will reach out to you within 24 to 48 hours.