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What to Expect When Working with a Documentary Film Producer
January 14, 2022 at 10:30 PM
Image of documentary film producer at work in San Diego.

For non-profits and climate activists, public support depends on ensuring that people know about your organization and the work you’re doing. Simply put, people can’t donate to your cause if they don’t know about you––even if they believe in your mission. Consider producing a documentary film about your work among the many fundraising ideas you discuss each year. Particularly if you’re making significant strides in the fight against climate change, a documentary film can inspire audiences to places of renewed action and support. The first step to determine whether your story could become a documentary is meeting with a film producer.

Here’s what to expect during that initial meeting and through the entire process of working with a documentary film producer.

Your vision takes priority

An experienced documentary film producer knows how to turn your organization’s vision into a compelling narrative that inspires others. During the initial meeting, ask questions to understand the company’s process, from pre-production through distribution.

At Green Bridge Films, we take a deep dive into your company’s data to understand the impact you’ve had on the world and your community. We collaborate with our clients in weekly meetings to understand their mission, heart, and drive in a process we call Diagnostics.

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Set goals for your organization and the film

A documentary film can bring public attention to your organization’s achievements. Before contacting a film producer, consider what you’d like to achieve with the production––whether it’s brand awareness for your organization, fundraising, or greater involvement with your work.

Producers can set reasonable expectations for the film. They’ll collaborate to connect your organization’s mission with the capabilities of a documentary film. Green Bridge Films specializes in stories that inspire audiences to places of action in climate activism.

Develop a script to communicate your vision and goals

The script is the outline for a documentary film. While it doesn’t contain dialogue that actors memorize, it’s responsible for telling your story with narration, interviews, and on-location shoots. During your initial meeting with a documentary film producer, discuss how involved you want to be with the script-writing and revision.

Collaboration is at the heart of Green Bridge Films. From our global teams to our clients, we make sure every voice is heard during the documentary-making process.

Collaborate with the film producer during pre-production

Pre-production is when the ideas gathered in the initial meeting and script take form. A producer will scout locations for filming, conduct pre-interviews, pick the necessary equipment, and hire the perfect team to bring your unique story to life.

Our experience delivers flawless pre-production processes, which means the actual documentary shoot runs on schedule and budget.

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Use distribution to share your message and inspire audiences

When you select a film producer to work with for your organization’s documentary, they should have experience with distribution. No matter how good the film is, your audience will never see it if it’s not in the right hands.

Green Bridge Films uses distribution to achieve your goals and inspire new climate activists to places of hope.

Green Bridge Films is a documentary film producer telling our clients’ stories to bring audiences to green solutions.

Green Bridge Films connects clients with engaging storytelling through documentary filmmaking. We’re attracted to stories that bring hope to the climate crisis and inspire audiences to places of action rather than despair. Our collaborative approach helps clients discover the narrative in their work and their goal in telling their story. We ensure that our team understands your vision before we begin production and maintain open communication through shooting and editing.

Our expert team executes full-service documentary filmmaking, working with clients worldwide from our bases in San Diego and Brazil. If you’re doing important work in the fight against climate change, we want to tell your story; reach out to our experienced film producers.